Sanpete County Sheriff's Complex
Phase I
128 cell beds
2 floors of cells
8 cells per block
Each block has a day room
Visitation by video phone in each block

The Future
Building planned for 2 additional phases
384 total inmates when 2 additional phases are built
Good long term investment

Inmate Control
Highest rated state of the art control software
Touch screen and mouse controlled
Controls all movement of inmates
Controls all cell utilities
Controls inmate video visitations

Video Arraignment Software
Highest rated state of the art software
Most court visits held within the jail
Judge and attorney remain in the courtroom
Private room dedicated to arraignments which provides  additional privacy

For inmate education
For inmate rehabilitation
Given as a reward for good behavior
Develops inmate self-confidence

Non-denominational Chapel
Staffed by local ecclesiastical leaders
Positive spiritual reinforcement
Funds provided by the LDS church

Fenced Recreation Yard
Secured fencing
Out of public view
Reward for good behavior
Develops inmate character

Jail Medical Department
The medical department is staffed by one doctor and an RN. They are
available to monitor and take care of the medical needs of each inmate. Clinics
are held twice a week, once for county inmates, and once for state inmates.  
Any emergency needs are taken care of as they arise.
Jail Division Supervisors
Capt. Braithwaite
Lt. Bown
Sgt. Nielsen
Sgt. Nunley
Sgt. Christensen
Sgt. Bailey
Sgt. Gates